FreshMaps to Produce “History Hunt Week” to Celebrate North Kingstown’s 350th Anniversary

In honor of North Kingstown’s 350th anniversary which takes place in 2024, FreshMaps is excited to take the lead in producing a “History Hunt Week”, a fun learning event for the whole family.

Produced by Fresh, LLC, History Hunt Week will feature an interactive, multi-media experience designed to appeal to our community’s multi-generational audience. The experience will be a learning opportunity for participants to access rich, historically-accurate stories, featuring the people, places, and things that are unique to the Town of North Kingstown, in a dynamic and compelling way.

History Hunt Week

History Hunt Week will lead participants, through use of their personally-owned smartphone devices, on a one-clue-at-a-time adventure throughout all nine villages of North Kingstown. Prizes will be available at Family Day on September 14, 2024, for those who successfully complete the whole scavenger hunt.

North Kingstown Town Manager Ralph Mollis had this to say about the activities:

“Alongside Histwick, FreshMaps, LLC, and many others, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of the 2024 calendar year in that it is the 350th Anniversary of our town’s establishment. The 350th Anniversary Steering Committee has welcomed support from community members to plan and execute inclusive, memorable, educational, and enjoyable events to increase awareness and connections to the rich history and innovative future of the Town of North Kingstown in celebration of this significant milestone.

This dynamic project merges accessible 21st century technology with the unique opportunities for exploration and education regarding nearly two dozen culturally and/or historically significant sites. The smartphone-based scavenger hunt has great potential to span generational barriers and engage families and groups of residents and visitors alike, sparking curiosity and learning in a way no other event can do.

The 350th Anniversary History Hunt Week will be a special focus of Family Day, one of the three signature events within the 350th Anniversary calendar of events, to be held in September 2024. We look forward to the development of unique, local content for the app as well as the ability to highlight the numerous people, places, cultures, and things that remain historically significant to our North Kingstown community.”

At each of the 22 locations prominently featured in History Hunt Week, a unique opportunity for sponsorship/partnership exists. Please email the 350th Anniversary Steering Committee to learn more or get involved with this initiative: